About the Band

Hailing from Yellow Springs, Ohio, Wheels plays their own brand of music. Some might call it Americana, but they’ve dubbed it ‘outdoorsy bird funk’ – a high-energy, foot-stomping hootenanny steeped in bluegrass tradition, seasoned with classic soul and rock n’ roll, and delivered with a forward-minded and innovative approach. Known for their stunning three- and four-part harmony vocals, the band consists of Rory Papania on guitar, Sam Salazar playing mandolin, Jamie Scott providing percussion and harmonica, Sam Crawford laying down the bass, and Conor Stratton covering everything in between. Show after show, Wheels delivers an energetic and engaging performance, always leaving the audience wanting more of this one-of-a-kind experience.

16 responses to “About the Band

  1. Check out this article in Dayton City Paper! http://www.daytoncitypaper.com/?p=4886

    Congratulations and can’t wait to hear you at Canal Street on May 29th.

  2. Blackwell

    you should come to greensboro…

  3. meme makemson

    you guys are great. i hope you will crank out lots more, TALENTED keep it up see ya whenever i can

  4. strea

    Great band, especially the originals!

  5. Anthony Powers

    Every time I see you four perform, it amuses me to think that, statistically speaking, musicians’ best work gets done between their late twenties and middle thirties, meaning you all have over ten years to just keep on getting better at what you do-

    which is phenomenal since you already pack a hell of a punch. Keep up the sterling performance!

  6. Larry Leingang

    saw you @ yellow springs street fair…it was great!! really enjoyed it

  7. We saw you guys last night at the Adelphia and you were amazing! You stole the show. We look forward to seeing your band again and will definitely purchase a cd!

  8. Paige

    At the Werk Out Music Festival, you played Shadow People for my friends and I at our tent. It was sincerely one of the most magical and perfect moments of my life. Thank you!

  9. Nice meeting you fellas. Look forward to hearing ya’ll play on the 9th in Clifton and hopefully having you up to Columbus to perform and help grow FLIP (flipnow.org).

  10. Anthony Marletta

    You guys sound great, best of luck to you! Hope to see you in Bloomington, Indiana sometime soon. I am a student there and I am quite sure you guys will be a hit.

  11. Love your band! Hard to believe you are so young and so talented, very refreshing!

  12. First saw you at the street fair concert, you just seemed to pull us in with your awesome music! Best Luck in 2012!!!

  13. dizzyd14

    Love your band!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How long have you guys been doin this????

  14. Stefan Turner

    Listening to you guys makes me want to pick up my guitar and make music. I’ve been enjoying your tunes daily here in San Diego! Thanx

  15. neath williams

    Stumbled onto these guys online roaming around listening to music one day. . . . . Amazing! A great talent I bought the album, and wish them much success!

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