Fields on Fire (May, 2011) – $10







Big Feeling (August, 2012) – $10







- $2.25 to continental U.S.
-  For international rates: please send an email to


You can also purchase an album at one of these shops:

Toxic Beauty Records – Yellow Springs
Omega Music – Dayton
Shake It Records – Cincinnati
Or pick one up at a show!

11 responses to “Store

  1. Stacey Knemeyer

    I just viewed your video that a fellow Yellow Springer posted on facebook; and I would like to buy your new release. I live in town and would prefer to pay cash. Will you be selling your CD’s anywhere locally? Or can I mail a check ?

    Stacey Knemeyer

  2. ACS

    You should be able to buy the CD at Brother Bear, and it will be for sale at the release party on the 29th at Canal St. Tavern.

  3. ACS

    Also available at Toxic Beauty Records, also in Yellow Springs.

  4. DrDick

    I am absolutely loving your music and want to get my hands on a copy of the CD. However I live in the Isle of Man, and I don’t think the $2.50 P+P costs will cover me, seeing as when I checked UPS it said the price would be about $13 for the postage.

    So am I able to:
    *Download the album from somewhere.
    *Find a way to pay you guys the full postage.

  5. Do you ship to Canada?

  6. Just ordered your CD. Thankful to have been turned onto your music. Wonderful mix and style. Look forward to more……

  7. K32Whit

    First heard your music at the Street Fair back in the fall. Have since moved out of the country and am enjoying your music in Germany. Love the sound and vibes and are ready for the next CD! When will this be?? Agree with Jesse- get on itunes!

  8. Cody

    You guys are an inspiration!

  9. Meme Makemson

    I want a recording of the songs on the Kelly Hall video..where/when will they be released?
    Meme Makemson

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